Baby Lock Solaris Vision
Baby Lock Solaris Vision Sewing Machine
Baby Lock Solatis Vision
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Solaris Vision

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 The future of creativity has arrived with the Solaris Vision sewing, embroidery, and quilting machine. The Solaris Vision’s built-in IQ Visionary™ Projector vividly displays stitches and embroidery designs on your fabric for perfect placement. Choose from numerous built-in designs or use the IQ™ Designer and IQ Intuition™ App to create your own designs by drawing, scanning or wirelessly transmitting. Make your quilting visions a reality using the large 10- 5/8” x 10-5/8” hoop perfect for quilt blocks and the beautiful built-in patterns for edge-to-edge quilting. The Solaris Vision is truly the future of sewing. 

IQ VisionaryProjector- Precise Embroidery Placement 

While in embroidery mode, choose from three different projection backgrounds (black, grey or white) based on fabric choices to see your design clearly. The needle drop laser is displayed in a point or a “T” pattern for an even more precise placement. 

IQ Visionary- Perfect Sewing Placement 

The Solaris Vision uses a variety of guideline markers and grids for perfect placement. While in sewing mode, switch between three different laser colors (red, green and white) for better visibility based on fabric choices. 

10-5/8" x 16" & 10-5/8" x 10-5/8" Hoop Sizes 

The 10-5/8" x 16" (272mm x 408mm) hoop is Baby Lock’s largest hoop yet. It makes it possible to stitch out your biggest embroidery designs with fewer rehoopings. The 10-5/8" x 10-5/8" (272mm x 272mm) hoop size is perfect for quilt blocks. 

Stitch Tapering 

Match your project’s sharp angles or create mitered corners with Solaris Vision’s Stitch Tapering function. With 12 angle settings, three ending methods, and 20 decorative stitches, you can customize a variety of sewing projects. 

IQDesigner a nd IQ IntuitionPositioning 

Create your own designs and quilt motifs with ease. Draw directly on the screen, scan in your favorite artwork, upload an existing file using a USB drive, or wirelessly send artwork to your machine from your smart phone using the IQ Intuition Positioning App. Your art will be instantly converted for embroidery! 

End Point Setting for Sewing 

Achieve perfect stitches using the built-in camera and end point sewing stickers. Simply place the sticker where you want your stitch to end, activate the end-point sewing feature and sew with confidence! 

Edge-to-Edge Quilting 

Create beautiful edge-to-edge quilting projects using the 10 built-in patterns. Enter a few measurements, select a hoop, specify flip options, and the Solaris Vision sets up your entire quilt. The on-screen instructions and design projections guide you every step of the way for quilts measuring up to 118" x 118". 

13" to the Right of the Needle 

With an unprecedented 13" to the right of the needle for an impressive 65 square inches of workspace, Solaris Vision gives you plenty of room to comfortably work on larger projects and full-size quilts. 

Enhanced Quilt Borders and Sashing 

Create beautiful quilt borders and sashing with unmatched precision using the 30 patterns and two shapes. Enter a few measurements, and the Solaris Vision does the necessary calculations for you. The on-screen instructions guide you every step of the way for quilts measuring up to 118" x 118". 

Large-connect Embroidery Patterns 

Embroider large, stunning patterns in three connecting segments using the camera to precisely align each segment. 

Deselect Region (No Sew Setting) 

Deselect regions of a design to preview and stitch the design with fewer colors. 

Long Stitch Embroidery Patterns 

Stitch unique, decorative designs with long, overlapping stitches. 

Fill Couching Alphabet 

Stitch dimensional couched letters, characters and designs. 

Quilting Around a n Embroidery Pattern 

Add stippling, echo quilting, or any of the 48 Decorative Fill patterns from IQ Designer around a selected design. Line spacing, distance and frame size are all easily adjustable. 

Wi-Fi Enabled 

Wi-Fi enabled for optional download of update files, apps, and design transfer with Design Database Transfer or Palette 11 (optional purchase). 


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